Who We Are

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Tableland Services, Inc., the Community Action Agency serving Somerset County, is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to meet basic needs, achieve their goals and discover their potential. By utilizing diverse resources and developing community partnerships, our experienced, dedicated and compassionate team provides high quality, seamless services and advocates for the adults, children, families and communities we serve.

Vision Statement

A community free of poverty, educated and self-sufficient where everyone has a voice and achieves their potential.

Mission Statement

Tableland Services, Inc. helps people and changes lives in Somerset County through community action.

What We Do

We coordinate federal and state programs through various funding sources. We do this with the goals in mind of developing self-worth, commitment to helping others and to help those who help themselves become self-sustaining. We also do referrals to other agencies. This may be in conjunction with programs that we offer or for a situation in which we cannot assist the client internally.


Community Action Partnership for Somerset County is a non-profit organization founded under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. It was initially incorporated in March 1966 as Somerset County’s “anti-poverty” organization by the County Commissioners and other concerned citizens. The original board of directors had 51 members. Over the decades that number was reduced down to 15. Of those 15 members, there are 3 separate and equal representation consisting of 1/3 of each of the following: elected officials, business, and private. Tableland has initially started many programs that were later spun off to different, independent agencies.

Helping people, changing lives.