Family Center


What is the Family Center?

The Family Center specializes in family and child development.  Our mission is to support families through community driven programs, so they may provide the best possible opportunities for their children to grow intellectually and physically. The Family Center in Salisbury started providing services in 1994. We were one of the first Family Centers in Pennsylvania.

List of services provided

  • Parents As Teacher program
  • Father Initiative
  • Incredible Years Parenting groups
  • Parent/Child group connections in Confluence, Somerset, Salisbury and Central City
  • First Start Parents as Teachers
  • Incarcerated parenting programming at the Somerset County Jail - Inside Out Dad program for fathers and Incredible Years programming for mothers
  • Salvation Army Service Unit for the Meyersdale/Salisbury area
  • Family and Individual Counseling

Family Center Locations

Salisbury Area Family Center 

231 Ord Street
Salisbury, Pa 15558

Central City Borough Building

314 Central Avenue
Central City, Pa  15926

Confluence Community Center

711 Logan Place
Confluence, PA  15424

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What we provide

The Family Center is a Parents As Teachers Blue Ribbon Model Affiliate. We are a component of Tableland Services, Inc. and a partner agency with United Way of the Laurel Highlands.

The Family Center programs provide:

  • Parent support
  • Expectant mothers with prenatal guidance
  • Help parents to identify their children's potential and to make them aware of any developmental impediments that might arise
  • Prepare children for preschool and kindergarten entry
  • Provide support, availability, and flexibility to meet family's needs
  • Help parents find the resources available in the community according to their needs
  • Provide that "someone special" just for the child

Helping people, changing lives. 

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