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Tableland Services, Inc., the Community Action Agency serving Somerset County, is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to meet basic needs, achieve their goals and discover their potential. By utilizing diverse resources and developing community partnerships, our experienced, dedicated and compassionate team provides high quality, seamless services and advocates for the adults, children, families and communities we serve.

Board Of Directors


Mr. Daniel Bulger


Ms. Sue Holliday


Mr. William Roush


Mr. James Knepper

Other Members

Commissioner Gerald Walker
Commissioner Colleen Dawson
Commissioner Pamela Tokar-Ickes
Mr. William A. Meyer, Jr.

Ms. Sharon S. Clapper
Bishop Gregory Pile
Mr. Fredric Rosemeyer
Mr. Allan Hay

Ms. Amanda Walter
Mr. Gary Gerould
Mr. Dean Hay
Mr. Michael Barbera, Solicitor


David J. Mrozowski
Alejandro Bastidas
Anne Garrison
Lisa Phillips
Michael Villenueve
Jennifer Hemminger
Scott Zarefoss

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Early Childhood Education
Director of Community Services
Manager of Transportation
Director of Human Resources
Manager of Weatherization

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814-445-9628 ext. 253
814-445-9628 ext. 221
814-445-9628 ext. 203
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Helping people, changing lives.